A letter to myself; Mom of a Type 1

“That has to suck.” The phrase I recall making in my head while grabbing my to-go order at Starbucks just a few weeks ago. A young lady in the sitting area had a small black pouch out with equipment to take her blood sugar before indulging in what looked like a creamy cold brew ofContinue reading “A letter to myself; Mom of a Type 1”

Self care & Confidence

I’ll just say it, making time for yourself is not easy. I’m the worst at scheduling time for me to take care of myself. All of the excuses seem so real. You know the ones that do start with, “I don’t” or “I can’t”. Over the years, I’ve learned that what isn’t fair is myContinue reading “Self care & Confidence”

Business Casual: The work from home guide.

As I’ve been working from home, the one thing that has stayed consistent is my morning routine. Having a routine in place has been my saving grace. It has created a positive and feel-good habit for me. So, let’s dive in and chat more about this thing I’m calling “my work from home guide.” LetContinue reading “Business Casual: The work from home guide.”

Staying in the positive through March 2020 – Living a positive lifestyle

When I started writing my March post, I really wanted to focus on mom style tips for faux leather leggings. Then, I started thinking through what I truly needed right now. I’m surrounding myself with positive thoughts and an overall mindset, not style tips. I promise to bring these style tips to you in theContinue reading “Staying in the positive through March 2020 – Living a positive lifestyle”

Show up as you are.

We’ve all heard, “show up”, before. Show up for yourself, your passions, your hobbies, everyday, damn it, show up! In the past, I heard show up and instantly felt exhausted. What you don’t get from this phrase is the full sentence. You know the one, the one you haven’t finished yet! “Show up…” My sentenceContinue reading “Show up as you are.”

Five tips for balance in your side hustle.

Being a full-time working wife and mother, along with having a side business doesn’t allow for a lot of free time. However, I have learned how to somewhat balance my time by what is most important to me. Focusing a majority of my time on those big rocks. Now more than ever side jobs/businesses areContinue reading “Five tips for balance in your side hustle.”

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