“She wears many hats.”

*Disclaimer: this post is truly from my perspective and experiences as a working mother, it is not to say that stay at home parents or parents at home not currently working don’t have it hard but to share my struggles with others who may be able to relate and also share. Please feel free to read and contribute positively.

Now more than ever, being a parent is one of the most demanding “jobs” we could have. We are no longer just mom (or dad or aunt/uncle or grandma/grandpa or guardian), we are also the coach, teacher, custodian, cook, mentor, and many more. We take all of these hats and add them on top of our daily hats as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, employee, boss, homemaker, and business owner. I’m sure, many of you can think of even more hats you already needed to wear before we entered our current circumstances.

The feelings that come with wearing all of these hats and tasks, can be quite overwhelming and lead to anxious feelings. You can doubt yourself as a woman, mother, wife, employee, etc..

Take a moment to think about how ridiculous we would each look right now with 15 different hats on our head. I’m giggling a little thinking about what these hats would look like and how I’d have to balance myself to not let these hats fall.

It is OK to take one hat off before we put on another. When we start to stack these hats on top of each other, this is when the stress sets in. It is important to remember (and for me to repeat to myself daily, sometimes multiple times a day), you are only one person and it is OK to only do one thing at a time. We have to give ourselves grace, ladies (and gents). This is what I have been struggling with the most, GRACE.

The definition of Grace is to be kind and gentle. We should be kind and gentle to ourselves now more than ever. The stress is real. Self-doubt is real. Anxiety is real. The feelings you have are real. Give. Yourself. Grace.

I know, it is easier said than done. This month, I don’t have a hand full of tips for you but one exercise for you as a takeaway.

  1. Write down all the hats you are currently wearing.
  2. Now put the hats in order – you don’t have to rewrite the list. It is okay if it is messy!
  3. What are the top 3-5 hats you NEED to wear today?
  4. Are you, as an individual on that list? If not, pencil yourself in!
  5. Now, stick to this for today. It may need to change tomorrow and that is OK. Take it day by day.

If you don’t take anything else away from this, take this with you…you are not alone. Mamas and papas all over the world are struggling with social distancing, parenting, homeschooling, irritable children, balance, housework, unemployment, finances, and I’m sure 100s of other things. Reach out to a friend and share openly. It will help 🖤

I’d love to hear from other working mothers (fathers or guardians) on this topic. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. How are you starting your day? How are you prioritizing all your hats?

Until next time,

TaShawna Sapp


Published by tashawnasapp

Hello! Welcome to all the C words. I’m TaShawna! A almost 30 working wife & mom. My husband, Kyle, and I have been married for 6 years. We have three energetic children Ryder (10), Stella (5), and Everly (2). Monday - Friday I’m hard at work for a dental support organization. My day job allows me to adult with some of the best! My role is the manager of a new sub-department in operations for project management. In all my free time my sister-in-law, Amber, and I run a store front boutique located within her hair salon. We started this side business to bring comfortable, trendy, and affordable clothing to our friends, family and salon clients. Here you will find me talking about all the things life and the chaos that goes with it! Xoxo -T

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