Staying in the positive through March 2020 – Living a positive lifestyle

When I started writing my March post, I really wanted to focus on mom style tips for faux leather leggings. Then, I started thinking through what I truly needed right now. I’m surrounding myself with positive thoughts and an overall mindset, not style tips. I promise to bring these style tips to you in the near future (maybe over on the gram).

I’m sure you are now wondering, what positivity tips do I have for that you haven’t already heard? You may have heard all of them but the point isn’t about reading them but about applying them within your life. You only get out of life, what you put into it. Same rule applies here with a positive lifestyle. It is all about the vibes you put into the universe, my friends!

Now, staying in the positive with, and for, yourself doesn’t mean you are always positive. Hence the title, “staying in the positive.” I see positivity as an aura around each of us. A light that radiates from within us. The real work is put in when the light starts to dim. We have to give ourselves grace with our thoughts, comments, and actions. Remembering, our positivity is only as good as our efforts.

Throughout my life, I’ve used a combination of these efforts and truly believe at my core that anyone can change their mindset, if they truly want to put in the work.

Here are the top positive lifestyle tips I have for you as we all work to stay in the positive.

  1. Use the 1 – 2 Rule. You know the one, when you say one negative thing out loud, you then have to share two positives.
  2. Have a routine and stick to it. Get up and get ready, drink a cup of coffee, etc. Then, at bedtime do the same.
  3. Put on your dancing tunes! I adore Taylor Swift. Turning her on and up in the morning just makes me feel better.
  4. Move your body. Get up! You have options and below are a few. The point is, it is so important to let your mind rest and put your body to work.
    • Take a walk
    • Work out
    • Yoga exercises
  5. I recently was challenged to practice daily gratitude journaling. This one is currently one of my favorites. Each day, real quick, write down three things you are grateful for.
  6. Read that book you’ve had sitting on the shelf for awhile now. It’s good for the soul! Other motivational or positive feeds I’ve found is through other blogs or articles, turning on a good podcast, or even looking up inspirational quotes.
  7. For years I would spend 10 minutes each night writing all my thoughts out in a bullet journal. Write it all down, friends! It helps.
  8. Power down all your electronics. This means turn them all off! It is so good to disconnect from technology and enjoy life.
  9. Work hard. No matter what you apply yourself to, apply 100%. Show up and produce. Hard work pays off. Remember to celebrate, this could mean daily celebrations! No matter how small, count your wins!!
  10. Lastly, Rest, Sleep, Repeat. This isn’t just about getting a full nights sleep but resting with intention. Feel free to still binge watch your favorite NetFlix series but also make time to clear your mind. I personally enjoy meditation and muscle or breathing exercises.
Gratitude journaling example template.

Through the circumstances we are experiencing world wide, having a positive lifestyle is what many of us need. I know for myself, a reset every few days is needed. I review my behaviors, follow up with those who experienced me at my lows, and then pivot back to the items above I feel I need most.

Now, I have a few questions for you.

  1. How do you hold yourself accountable?
  2. Does self-accountability work for you?
  3. Do you need an accountability buddy?
  4. Who can you be open with about wanting to make a lifestyle change

Being open about what you want out of life, including an overall positive lifestyle will only help you stay in the positive. This is simply adding into conversations what you are doing and hope to accomplish. Conversations with friends, family, co-worker, mentors, and of course your significant other around living your best life is important.

Here are a few more self-accountability tips.

  1. Before going to bed ask yourself three questions:
    • What went well today?
    • What could I have done better?
    • What can I do differently tomorrow?
  2. Brain dump: Following an experience that isn’t the best for you (potentially causes negative thoughts or behavior), write out everything you are thinking and then move on. Don’t let one negative interaction ruin your day!
  3. Be aware of your body and thoughts. True self accountability happens when in the moment you can self-direct. Pause, thing through the bullets below, and course correct.
    • What is your body saying?
    • What thoughts are you having?
    • What tone are you using?

My hopes in writing this, verse my style tips, is to help further shift you to stay in the positive. As my area of life (and many others) is full of uncertainty around health, finances and more. These topics all cause stress and bring on negative mindsets.

I’m truly here for anyone that needs a listening ear or who would want to collaborate on this topic (or any topic for that matter).

Xoxo, -T

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Hello! Welcome to all the C words. I’m TaShawna! A almost 30 working wife & mom. My husband, Kyle, and I have been married for 6 years. We have three energetic children Ryder (10), Stella (5), and Everly (2). Monday - Friday I’m hard at work for a dental support organization. My day job allows me to adult with some of the best! My role is the manager of a new sub-department in operations for project management. In all my free time my sister-in-law, Amber, and I run a store front boutique located within her hair salon. We started this side business to bring comfortable, trendy, and affordable clothing to our friends, family and salon clients. Here you will find me talking about all the things life and the chaos that goes with it! Xoxo -T

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